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Keto Factory is on a mission to make the best keto products in the world. We’re passionate about keto and our products reflect that. From our very low carb content, to our clean ingredients, to our delicious taste, everything we do is designed with you in mind. With Keto Factory, you can finally have your cake and eat it too!

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Keto Snacks

Enjoy the rich, buttery taste of our signature keto Snacks

Keto Factory Dining

Premium Konjac Dining Pasta will maximize the benefits of your ketogenic diet

Keto Allulose Syrup

Keto Factory Allulose Syrup as a versatile and health-conscious sweetening option

Skinny Sweet™

The Healthy way to replace the ordinary sugar perfect for every diet.

Only The Good Stuff

Low Carb

Keto Approved

Gluten Free

Clean Ingredients

Non-Gmo Ingredients

Biscotti Chocolate Chips - KETO Factory

Shopping made simple! Get the items you need with just a few clicks - no hassle, no fuss.

We make your favorite food without all the extra sugar and carbs. They taste so good, you won’t miss a thing (until you run out).

Our products have made a great impression on folks - they just can't get enough ! It's been quite the ride for us and we're thrilled that everyone loves what we've produced.

biscotti-chocochips-girlsmile KETO FACTORY

Looking for the perfect healthy lifestyle choice?

Try Keto Factory’s array of keto-friendly products! Not only do they help support your diet goals, but you’ll also be providing yourself with essential energy and nutrition to keep going all day long. So why not give it a try today 

– who knows how far you could go tomorrow?

Keto Diet

The benefits of trying out a keto lifestyle are numerous, making it an appealing choice for those looking to make some changes in their lives through dietary modification and healthier eating habits! From helping you lose weight quickly to improving mental clarity and cognitive functioning over time, there are plenty of good reasons why taking up this life style and way of eating might be right for you

—so why not give it a try? Who knows?
Maybe this could be just what you need to get back on track towards better health!

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Customer Review


Perfect taste and texture

Finally, after trying many brands, I found the best 0 calorie sweetener. Keto factory's skinny sweet zero carlorie sweetener has a perfect granular texture and no bitter aftertaste. I have used multiple times now for baking cookies and cupcakes and it has come out perfect every single time. It is wonderful as it is plant based so that I dont have to worry about artificial flavors. Highly recommended.


Yummy packs!

Very tasty variety packs. Pretty much use this for my breakfast or my snacks. They taste very delicious and the amount is pretty good per pack. I can mix day per day.



Great option if you’re on a keto diet. Not overly sweet and perfectly savory. I will say it has a ton of dark chocolate so I found the ratio to be a bit off if you’re looking for something to snack on. This made a great Greek yogurt topper!


Love these keto biscotti

Taste is great, a little different texture than non keto biscotti. Holds up when dipped. They are expensive, but you get what you pay for. I will buy again, but save for a special treat.


Great price vs other brands

Great price in comparison to the other brands!. Flavor was pretty good for all the variety I got. I do like the whisps also but they are pricey. So gave these a try and I’m pleased. They aren’t a bag full of crumbs like the others and definitely not super greasy. Overall I like them and it was a great purchase will buy again.


The best Dulce de Leche ever!

This dulce de leche is delicious. Texture and flavor are perfect! It feels/tastes like the real thing. Super cute addition & kids loved them!


Like broken up granola bars--and that's great!

I have a strong suspicion this product are the broken rejection created while making the Nature Valley granola bars--and that great! That's exactly what I want in granola. If you do too, this product is for you.


Awesome Biscotti

Love the taste --just the best I have tried in low carb keto ones. They're gluten free, also for people who have Diabetis. They're delicious!!!!